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A Game Jam submission for Old School Essentials

Old Magic was my submission OSR June Jam 2. This time, I was reimagining three magic-using classes from later editions in the style of B/X D&D and other "old school" systems.

Once again working within the constraints of older editions, I made a prescient, but cursed Oracle, a volatile Sorcerer, and a potion-brewing Witch class. And, once again, I flexed my "casual artist" skills and illustrated the whole thing myself!

Old Magic pushed the envelope a little further than my previous three classes. By using Old School Essentials: Advanced Fantasy as my foundation, instead of true B/X D&D, I had a few extra systems to build upon. For example, the Oracle and Witch use the spell progressions of OSE's Druid and Bard classes, respectively. All three of these classes feel right at home in that system: old-school mechanics injected with more contemporary ideas.

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