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D&D Organized Play Adventure

My first publication was MOON 5-2: Bloodlust Contained, part of Baldman Games' celebrated Moonshae Isles adventure series.

I worked with a team of authors to write this module for Gen Con 2018. That was an exciting experience!

The most challenging part of this project was the expectations that came with writing in the Forgotten Realms setting. The first resources I received for this project were the official D&D Organized Play style guide, and a huge packet summarizing the entire history of the Moonshae region - which spanned over 30 years of publications!

Writing Bloodlust Contained taught me to work within an established setting. It required a delicate balancing act between telling new stories, and honoring all the material that came before. I included a valley named after Nymmurh, an ancient bronze dragon that lives in the Moonshaes, and one of Ed Greenwood's original characters. At the same time, I wanted Keolinn, the devious fomorian villain of the adventure, to stand on her own as a compelling character and a memorable adversary.


You can read more about the adventure on its Dungeon Master's Guild page.

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