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A Game Jam submission for B/X D&D

The OSR June Jam was about celebrating D&D's history by creating content compatible with 1977's Basic D&D.

My entry was about taking some newer additions to D&D and reimagining them in that old-school style, as if they had always been there. My three subjects? Dragonborn, Lizardfolk, and Tieflings, all brought together by a venn diagram of horns, scales, and tails.

I designed each class by innovating within the constraints of existing Basic D&D rules and concepts. For example, my dragonborn were going to have a breath attack, but it had to work the way a Basic D&D dragon's breath attack worked.

Overall, Horns, Scales, and Tails had a lot of fun design challenges. Plus, I did my own illustrations, which added a little bit of that old-school roughness to the packet.

Read more about the Design Choices

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