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Core Engine Adventure Game

The Tomb of Many Eyes was my first Core Engine publication, made for the D&D Dungeon Design contest.

For a first project, it was fairly ambitious - but I wanted to really see what I could do with Core. I started with tutorials - and as I learned, I turned around and implemented those ideas straight into the Tomb.


The final project had four playable classes with three moves each: a primary attack, a secondary attack, and a special. For example, the Rogue could dodge-roll and double jump, while the Wizard could fly for a few seconds at a time. 


The Tomb itself was a Five-Room Dungeon. After fighting their way past undead, down a huge staircase, the party was faced with a magically sealed portcullis. To open it, the party had to dispel the barrier by solving a matching puzzle in the library, and open the gate by solving a platforming challenge in the cave.


That would open the path to the final boss: a Death Tyrant. Everything in Core Engine had to be kitbashed out of existing shapes, and I think my Death Tyrant was a pretty faithful build. To emulate its life-draining stare, I attached several box colliders to its front that dealt damage over time. I used a spotlight and particle effects to highlight the area.

Since I was learning Core Engine as I went, I had to restart the level several times during development. The final product, although a bit simple, was still good for a few minutes of hack-and-slash fun.

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