Student Project - 2-player strategic space combat board game

Starmada was a game I made with three other students my junior year at SCAD. In it, two players faced off with fleets of spacecraft on radial grid maps.

The gimmick of Starmada was that all movement was relative to your "Dreadnaught," a massive capital ship at the center of each player's board. Each player had 3 battleships they could place on their opponent's board, 7 interceptors to place on their own board, and 5 frigates that could be divided between the two. The stat cards for these ships were double-sided, with each side representing a different configuration for that ship. 

Ships had to carefully watch their heat levels. Taking too many actions - or firing powerful weapons - caused ships to gain heat. If a ship became overheated, there was a chance of catastrophic damage whenever it acted. 

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