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Original Tabletop RPG in a Fantasy World's World War 2

Lightning War was the original tabletop roleplaying game I created from scratch. By Fall 2019, I had written and playtested a game I thought was Kickstarter-ready. The Kickstarter happened in November, and Lightning War raised 113% of its funding goal.

Next was taking my manuscript from a Word .doc to a printed product. I assembled a team of freelancers, created a schedule, and dynamically adjusted those plans when the COVID-19 pandemic hit us in March 2020. It was a crash course in project management I will never forget! The game became available digitally on June 6th, 2020, and print copies became available in mid July.

It's rare that a creator's first Kickstarter project succeeds. I couldn't have done it alone. My fellow Atlanta developer Craig Campbell mentored me every step of the way. I made the Kickstarter video in my friend Ryan Mitchell's Savannah apartment, with his help and feedback. My friend Raeonda Ramoutar's amazing illustrations brought the world of Lightning War to life.

You can read more about the game on its DriveThruRPG page or on I've also written a lengthy postmortem about it on my Developer Blog!

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