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Lifelong Storyteller

Look, I live and breathe stories. I tried writing my first book in 5th grade (it was 90 pages). I spent all of middle school drawing comic books, creating sprite animations, and inventing board games with my friends.

In high school, an art teacher introduced me to D&D, and it opened up a whole new world for me. The D&D Next playtest (2011-2013) sparked my interest in game design - and my first lessons came from seeing how 5th Edition evolved and iterated.

I went to SCAD and majored in Interactive Design and Game Development. Since graduating with honors in 2017, I've been designing my own games and working as a freelance writer.

I'm a voracious learner, always striving to learn new tools and explore new mediums. When I get into a project, I'm meticulous, relentless, and thorough.


Outside of my work, I'm an activist and volunteer in the Atlanta community. I'm a morning person who makes coffee in a French press. I bake really good cookies! I love state parks, scenic walks, and a good museum trip.


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