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Meet Ben Sandfelder.

Welcome to my portfolio! I'm an indie game developer who has dabbled in freelance writing, level design, and project management. I've worked on digital and non-digital games. The lessons I learn in one medium, I translate and apply in the other.

In 2019, I organized a Kickstarter campaign to publish Lightning War, my own original tabletop RPG - a crash course in entrepreneurship and project management I'll never forget. The campaign was a success, and by leading a team of amazing freelancers, I took my game from a simple Word document to a published rulebook.

My passion is for games as a storytelling medium. How can I use mechanics to reinforce the themes of a story? How can I use narrative to compliment the pace of gameplay?


If you want to see my answers, take a look at some of the projects I've worked on!

Published Work


Lightning War

Original Tabletop Roleplaying Game
Roles: Project Manager, Designer, Writer

Horns, Scales and Tails

OSR June Jam 2022 Submission
Roles: Project Manager, Designer, Illustrator

The Seeker's Guide to Twisted Taverns

Whimsical Settings for D&D 5E
Role: Freelance Writer

Bloodlust Contained

D&D Organized Play Adventure
Role: Freelance Writer

Digital Games


Freeport Adventures

Unpublished Adventure Game
Role: Freelance Writer

Colony Clash

Arenas of Combat Contest Submission
Role: Level Designer

The Tomb of Many Eyes

D&D Dungeon Contest Submission
Role: Combat Designer, Level Designer


SIEGE_ Characters in Gaming.png

Class on Classes

SIEGE 2022 Presentation

Loads of Dice

SIEGE 2020 Presentation
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